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Excavator Crawler chassis
Our company mainly manufacture and operation hydraulic chassis, long-term commitment to various engineering machinery hydraulic crawler chassis design and manufacture, widely used in mining machinery, lifting equipment, drilling equipment. From 3 ton
HN series hydraulic nut
Especially suitable for narrow space and heavy load vibration mechanical fastening, can assemble multiple bolts at the same time. Using No-turn cabinet design, avoid friction, bolt distortion and other factors that influence the bolt pre-tightening f
Precision casting process in the production
precision casting aluminum alloy castings generally can reach the surface roughness value Ral.6 ~ 3.2, more demanding requirements on a high level of casting technology, but it can only improve the twelve grades and duplication of efforts.
Lost wax method precision casting is introduced
Now known as lost wax precision casting investment casting, a little cutting or cutting precision casting process, is a superior technology in precision casting industry, its application is very extensive.
Lost Wax Investment Casting Design,Performance,Cost Advantages
Lost Wax Investment Casting Design,Performance,Cost Advantages.Lost Wax Investment Casting,Investment cast component
All kings of Universal Joints
We could produce all kings of Universal Joints according to customers’ requirement (drawings or samples).Cardan Shaft/U-Joint for Autos.