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Aluminum alloy castings and prevention of the formation of pores
Pinhole is a common casting process forms pores ,are casting defects. This mostly hydrogen pinholes formed during casting into the water vapor produced by decomposition of the resulting casting.
Mold corrosion behavior of magnesium alloy castings
To mold surface composition and corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy castings capacity are studied, found dissolved mold casting of magnesium alloy castings than other methods to obtain better corrosion resistance of the casting.
Die casting quality control
Die casting quality including the appearance quality, internal quality and use of quality, appearance quality refers to the casting surface roughness, surface quality and dimension tolerance, form tolerance and quality deviation, etc.
Manual sand casting method
Advantages manual sand casting is that the low cost of sand , so you can easily modify the mold . Meanwhile you can punch , add cold iron and other ways to improve the process, etc., worked out a suitable pouring temperature and pouring time .
Mining machinery and equipment Casting Process
Mining machinery often used during casting the casting material is carbon or steel, when the casting material during the casting , the biggest problem is to note casting wear.
The ingredient proportion of stainless steel detergent
Casting is a kind of casting alloys in steel-casting foundry. Cast steel can be divided into cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and special steel casting 3 classes.