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Precision casting knowledge
Precision casting is a generic term of precision casting process. It is made by sophisticated modelling method, concluding investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting.
Sand casting defects
Sand casting casting defects are: cold shut , pouring enough holes, sticky sand , sand , sand , sand expansion .
Factors affecting welded steel castings
Steel castings with stable performance, using a wide range of features. However, when the casting is a very high technical requirements link, a little carelessness will not appear welding together of the phenomenon.
Factors affecting the quality of castings
Factors affecting the quality of castings:1.Die casting design.2.Mold structure , machining accuracy and the mold material selection.3.Shrinkage of the casting material.4.Die casting process design and implementation.
Aluminum die casting characteristics and detection
Aluminum die casting characteristics and detection methods
Precision casting technology requirements
Low-pressure casting , die casting, centrifugal casting,Precision casting method to adapt