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Automobile parts export slowdown
Automobile parts have become in recent years one of the fastest growing export industrial products since 2003 to achieve a CAGR of 56.67%.
Auto parts casting products
Many products of auto parts ,casting products occupy a pivotal proportion,such as: automotive engine block,cylinder heads,gearbox housings,intake manifold,exhaust manifold,camshaft,Piston,wheel hub,etc.,are casting products.
Demanding scale and precision castings
Mechanical cast steel castings, compared to the general machinery castings, its rigidity, stable performance, long life.
The material characteristics of castings
The material characteristics of castings
Precision casting
Casting modeling method is used to obtain accurate precision casting process general. It includes investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting.
The industry indicators of quenching castings
Castings are a class through a special processing of the workpiece. The hardening process is the important process of steel casting process.