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Methods to Improve the Surface Quality of Stainless Steel Castings


Methods to Improve the Surface Quality of Stainless Steel Castings:
1. Start with the mold: clean the surface of the mold. That is, the surface is cleaned with sandpaper and then brushed with nitro paint. For stainless steel castings with high precision, metal or plastic mold is used to improve the surface finish of the mold.
2. Starting from raw materials, modeling and core making using zircon sand resin sand, mesh number 75-150, using thermosetting resin, mixed sand has high refractoriness, smooth surface, good collapsibility, easy to fall sand.
3. Strict control process, before the box, to ensure that the shape and sand core is with a temperature state, to ensure the fluidity of the molten steel during casting, the surface of the rough damage is coated with FOSCO ISOMOL 300 alcohol-based zircon powder coating After the ignition is baked, the surface of the stainless steel casting is smooth.