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die casting aluminum alloy manufacturers

aluminum alloy die casting parts
Aluminum & Aluminum alloy A360, A380, A390, ADC-12,ADC10,
Zinc & Zinc alloy. ZA-3,ZA-5,ZA-8
Manufacture Process: die casting aluminum alloy
We can supply all kinds of die casting, zinc/aluminum alloy die casting parts, Mechanical parts, Lighting components, Automobile parts, Electronic equipment housing and accessories, etc.
All kinds of hardwares Decoration/Construction/architectural hardwares,furniture hardware /window hardware/ door hardwares,furniture fittings, pull handles, custom drawer handles,window handles, door handles, door hinges, door furnitures, door cylingders, door bolts, legs and other hardwares LOCKS components ,refined sanitary products/hardwares/ Bathroom Hardware. If you need aluminum alloy cast, please contact us.